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Dr. Sudhakar Prasad offers a safe and effective procedure to get well-proportioned and desired breast size using breast reduction surgery. The procedure can provide significant benefits, and it can also help boost confidence. Book a consultation now.

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About Breast Reduction/Reduction Mammoplasty

Breast reduction (also called reduction mammoplasty) is a type of plastic surgery that reduces the amount of skin, fat, and tissue in order to make the breasts more proportionate with the rest of the body.

Breast reduction is a highly secure and successful technique for reducing large and unshapely breasts.

Are you an ideal candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery?

You are an ideal candidate for breast reduction/reduction mammoplasty if:

  • You are overall healthy
  • You’re dealing with physical or mental problems as a result of your large breasts
  • You are not currently pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You are a non-smoker or willing to quit smoking for the time advised by Dr. Sudhakar Prasad
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What happens during a consultation for Breast Reduction?

During the consultation for breast reduction surgery, Dr. Sudhakar Prasad will go over all of the details with the patient in great detail. The doctor will talk to the patient about their goals and expectations, then make a decision on how to carry out the surgery. Patients will be informed about the cost and any potential outcomes of the surgery, allowing them to make an informed decision.

Dr. Sudhakar Prasad will also talk to the patient about their medical history and examine their breasts, taking notes on all necessary information. The doctor might recommend a few blood tests and a mammogram to ensure that the operation will go as smoothly as possible. The doctor focuses on making sure that the patient is safe and satisfied with the surgery.

What is the procedure of Breast Reduction Surgery?

During breast reduction surgery, the surgeon will administer general or local anesthesia to make the patient as relaxed as possible. The surgeon will remove the extra fat, glandular tissue, and skin by making incisions. The surgeon will relocate the nipple/areola complex to a higher position on the chest. Liposuction can be used in conjunction with excision techniques in certain situations. The surgeon uses liposuction as the only method to reduce breast size when excess fat accumulation causes the breasts to be excessively large.

How is the cost of Breast Reduction determined?

Breast reduction surgery is not covered by insurance since it is considered a cosmetic treatment. The overall cost of breast reduction surgery is determined by a number of factors, including:

  • Fees of consultation
  • Fees of the doctor
  • Cost of facility, accreditation of the facility
  • Type/technique of the surgery
  • Cost of dressings and post-surgical garments
  • Cost of medical tests
  • Geographical location of the clinic
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Benefits of Breast Reduction/ Reduction Mammoplasty

Breast reduction surgery has several advantages. The following are some of them:

  • Get rid of back, neck, and shoulder pain: Many women with large breasts suffer from chronic pain in their back, neck, and shoulders. This is due to the extra weight that they are carrying around. Breast reduction surgery can help to alleviate this pain by removing some of the tissue and making the breasts smaller.

  • Better posture: Many women with large breasts suffer from poor posture. This is because they are constantly hunched over to try and support their breasts. After surgery, the breasts will be lighter and will not pull the woman down as much. This can lead to an improvement in posture.

  • Enhanced self-esteem and body image: Large breasts can cause a lot of insecurity in women. They may feel self-conscious about their appearance and avoid social situations. After surgery, many women report feeling more confident and having a better body image.

  • Improved ability to exercise: Large breasts can make it difficult to exercise. This is because they can get in the way and be very uncomfortable. Breast reduction surgery can help to improve your ability to exercise by making your breasts smaller and lighter.

  • Reduced risk of breast infections: Large breasts can be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. This can lead to painful and difficult-to-treat infections. Breast reduction surgery can help reduce your risk of developing these infections by making your breasts smaller.

How is the recovery after Breast Reduction Surgery?

  • After the operation, a special dressing and elastic bandages are applied.
  • In about 24 hours, the patient will be able to walk. After 24-48 hours, depending on the treatment and the condition of the vitals, the patient can be discharged from the clinic.
  • There is usually minor discomfort around the breasts, and the use of pain relievers is required for approximately a week. Dressing must be changed after 48 hours and on the fifth day.
  • Stitches do not require to be removed because they dissolve on their own.
  • After 10 days, daily light routine may resume. One can do full work again after three weeks, but stretching the arms and lifting weights are not permitted until four weeks have passed.
  • It’s possible that your breasts will be somewhat sensitive to touch for three to four weeks. Around the nipple-areola, you may feel tingly. During the first menstrual cycle following surgery, the patient will experience a mild discomfort and stretching symptoms in both breasts. This can be relieved with pain medications.
  • The incision appears to be higher than the skin at first and is pinkish-red. It gradually returns to normal color as it flattens. The incision will eventually be barely visible.

What are the risks of Breast Reduction Surgery?

As with any surgery, there are certain risks associated with breast reduction. These risks include infection, bleeding, scarring, and changes in sensation. In some cases, the breasts may not heal properly, which could lead to further surgeries. It is crucial to discuss these risks with your surgeon prior to the procedure.

By carefully planning and executing preoperational preparation, Dr. Sudhakar Prasad will minimize or eliminate as many of these risks or concerns as possible.

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Dr. Sudhakar Prasad

Dr. Sudhakar Prasad

MBBS , M.S(Gen. Surg.) M.Ch. Plastic Surg.

Dr. Sudhakar Prasad

Dr. Sudhakar Prasad is a renowned cosmetic and plastic surgeon in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad with more than 28 years of experience. Dr. Sudhakar completed his MBBS from Guntur Medical College, Guntur in the year 1981. Later, in the year 1985, he completed his MS in General Surgery from Guntur Medical College, Guntur. He was later awarded M.Ch. in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery by Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai in the year 1988. Dr. Sudhakar obtained a fellowship from various reputed organizations such as Fellow in Maxillo-Facial and the Cosmetic Surgery University of Miami, Fellow in Maxillo-Facial Surgery, Davos, Switzerland, and Fellow in Cramo Facial Surgery, Taipei, Taiwan. With nearly three decades of experience in the field, Dr. Sudhakar Prasad is an esteemed surgeon who continually seeks to upgrade his skills and provide optimal care for his patients. He has become a highly sought-after doctor in Hyderabad due to his expertise and dedication.

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