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Fix Misshapen Ears With Otoplasty In Hyderabad

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Ears are a distinctive facial feature that greatly contributes to one’s attractiveness. Ears that protrude from the face look odd and have a detrimental influence on one’s appearance. Get beautiful ears with otoplasty performed by Dr. Sudhakar Prasad in Hyderabad.

Introduction To Otoplasty

Otoplasty, also known as ear surgery, is a cosmetic surgical operation that is used to alter a person’s ears in order to make them proportional, symmetrical, and aesthetically positioned to enhance their appearance. Macrotia (excessively big ears), projecting ears (one or both ears in different degrees), or general dissatisfaction with one’s ear shape or appearance can be remedied with an otoplasty.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Otoplasty?

You must meet the following conditions to be a suitable candidate for otoplasty:

  • You are dissatisfied with the form or size of your ears.
  • You are in good physical and mental health, with no untreated ear-related disorders or other conditions.
  • Your ears are fully developed.
  • You are a non-smoker, or willing to quit for the prescribed amount of time before and after surgery.

If you satisfy the otoplasty candidacy requirements, then schedule a consultation with Dr. Sudhakar Prasad to learn more about the procedure.

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What Happens During The Consultation For Otoplasty?

During your consultation for otoplasty, Dr. Sudhakar Prasad will thoroughly examine your ears. You will be asked about the difficulties you experience as a result of your ears. Dr. Sudhakar will also inquire about any hearing problems you may have.

During the consultation, Dr. Sudhakar will ask about your medical history, including any allergies or medications that might affect the results of the surgery. You will be asked about your expectations and goals from the surgery. Dr. Sudhakar Prasad will explain the otoplasty procedure and associated risks in detail and answer any questions you may have.

What Is The Procedure For Otoplasty?

The otoplasty procedure typically takes two hours. Otoplasty surgery is performed using one of two types of anesthesia: local or general. Local anesthesia numbs the specific area being treated, while general anesthesia puts the patient to sleep.

After administering the anesthesia, Dr. Sudhakar Prasad will make incisions based on the extent of ear reshaping required. The incisions are usually made either on the back of the ears or inside the creases of the ears to minimize scarring.

Excess cartilage and skin are removed and the ears are reshaped as needed. The cartilage is then fastened in the desired position with internal stitches. The incisions are closed with sutures.

What Will Happen After Otoplasty Surgery?

After otoplasty surgery, there will usually be a bandage wrapped around the heads of the patient to support the newly shaped ears. The bandage will need to be worn for several days.

Most patients experience pain and swelling for a few days after otoplasty surgery, but this can be controlled with medication. Most patients take one week off from work or school to recover. Strenuous activity and exercise should be avoided for at least three weeks after surgery.

A week after the surgery, Dr. Sudhakar will remove the bandages and carefully evaluate your ears to ensure that there are no complications.

To avoid any shifts in the position of your ears, it is suggested that you don’t sleep on your sides. During your first follow-up appointment, Dr. Sudhakar will remove the bandages and stitches and evaluate your ears.

It is necessary to attend the follow-up appointments so that Dr. Sudhakar Prasad can ensure that there are no complications during the healing process.

What Is The Cost Of Otoplasty In Hyderabad?

Since it is a cosmetic operation, otoplasty is not covered by insurance. The total cost of otoplasty depends on a lot of different factors, like the amount of work required to be done on the ears, the surgeon’s fee, the cost of the facility, and the cost of medical tests and post-surgery dressings. During the consultation, Dr. Sudhakar Prasad will evaluate the patient’s aims and objectives, as well as discuss the benefits and drawbacks of surgery, before making a final decision on the cost of otoplasty.

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Benefits Of Otoplasty

Otoplasty can be used to improve the appearance of the ears by changing their size and shape. It can also be used to balance facial features and improve appearance. In addition, otoplasty can increase confidence and self-esteem.

What Are Potential Complications Of Otoplasty Surgery?

Otoplasty, like any other surgical procedure, has the potential for complications and unwanted effects. Bleeding, infection, and fluid accumulation are all possible risks and complications of otoplasty. Antibiotics are given to decrease the chance of infection in this instance. In the event of a hematoma (blood accumulation) or seroma (fluid accumulation), Dr. Sudhakar Prasad will simply drain it.

While otoplasty is a safe procedure, it’s crucial to be aware of the risks before undergoing surgery. Dr. Sudhakar Prasad will go over the risks and complications associated with otoplasty during the consultation.

Get Proportionate And Symmetrical Ears With Otoplasty

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Dr. Sudhakar Prasad

Dr. Sudhakar Prasad

MBBS , M.S(Gen. Surg.) M.Ch. Plastic Surg.

Dr. Sudhakar Prasad

Dr. Sudhakar Prasad is a renowned cosmetic and plastic surgeon in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad with more than 28 years of experience. Dr. Sudhakar completed his MBBS from Guntur Medical College, Guntur in the year 1981. Later, in the year 1985, he completed his MS in General Surgery from Guntur Medical College, Guntur. He was later awarded M.Ch. in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery by Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai in the year 1988. Dr. Sudhakar obtained a fellowship from various reputed organizations such as Fellow in Maxillo-Facial and the Cosmetic Surgery University of Miami, Fellow in Maxillo-Facial Surgery, Davos, Switzerland, and Fellow in Cramo Facial Surgery, Taipei, Taiwan. With nearly three decades of experience in the field, Dr. Sudhakar Prasad is an esteemed surgeon who continually seeks to upgrade his skills and provide optimal care for his patients. He has become a highly sought-after doctor in Hyderabad due to his expertise and dedication.

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